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Name: Trigger Point Ninja
Aliases: Trigger Point Ninja
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Place Of Birth: Unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Build: Short but tough
Scars Or Marks: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Dark, maybe brown
Complexion: Good
Sex: Unknown
Last Known Whereabouts: Unknown

While a ninja's very nature is defined by stealth, secrecy, and anonymity, a few scant details are known about this mysterious myofascial master.

While Trigger Point Ninja's™ gender is generally believed to be male, it is not entirely clear whether this stealthy hero is male or female. Regardless of gender, this dynamic warrior's diminutive size is considered an asset rather than a disadvantage.

Various reports indicate that Trigger Point Ninja™ has an affinity for confections. This sweet tooth is reportedly intensified after particularly demanding confrontations. The folklore of various cultures suggests that placing a coconut cream pie on one's windowsill at sundown will not only attract Trigger Point Ninja™, but will bring good luck, prosperity, and the undying loyalty and protection of Trigger Point Ninja™ and his ninja brethren.

It comes as no surprise that Trigger Point Ninja™ enjoys kung-fu films, however, less stereotypically, this fierce warrior is also purported to be partial to spa treatments, the music of 80's hair bands, rainbows, sci-fi television programming, unicorns, ancient astronaut theory, and blue-eyed kittens.

Conflicting accounts have Trigger Point Ninja's™ birthplace listed as Tokyo, Japan; Guam; Roswell, New Mexico; Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea ; and Agunnaryd, Småland, South Sweden.

Rumors abound regarding Trigger Point Ninja's™ domicile; however, it is generally assumed that this noble hero leads a largely nomadic lifestyle, dispatched to various exotic locations as his lethal services are required. There have been reports of Trigger Point Ninja™ taking refuge in safe houses in many locales, including, but not limited to, Austin, Texas; East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa; Adak, Alaska; Paris, France; and Paris, Texas.

The early years of this vigilante's life are equally murky. Some have suggested that Trigger Point Ninja™ may have been raised by wolves, but his impeccable hygiene habits and suspected vegetarianism make this highly unlikely. This theory is therefore generally rejected by most scholars.

Trigger Point Ninja™ is unable to fly commercial, due to having been registered as a lethal weapon with international security agencies.

It is well-documented that, despite Trigger Point Ninja's™ incomprehensibly lethal skills, he has never been known to use those abilities to harm anyone or anything other than those maleficent terrorists known as myofascial trigger points. For this reason, their far-reaching terrorist organization has purportedly placed a bounty on Trigger Point Ninja's™ head.